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The 2021 ANZACAT AGM will be held online and open to all ANZACAT members. To open the AGM we will hear from HYPE Netherlands. Title: A case illustrating CAT based early  intervention for borderline personality disorder in The Netherlands Title: A case illustrating CAT based early  intervention for borderline personality disorder in The Netherlands Dr […]

Mapping the Climate Crisis – International Cognitive Analytic Therapy Association 8am to 10.30am (BST) on Zoom

Zoom , Australia

*Please note the above times are British Standard Times. Local times are: AUS 18:00, NZ 20:00, NL 0900*

"About the Event
The climate crisis remains a major threat to global public health and mental health. In this workshop, a CAT informed approach will be used to consider our own relational experiences towards the climate crisis as well as exploring more and less adaptive responses on a personal and societal level. Follow this link for more details. The facilitators will share their personal experiences of climate concern and climate activism. In addition, there will be opportunity for participants to map and discuss their own relational experiences and to explore and share exits that can support ourselves, our organisations and broader society to address this existential threat to our planet."

Incorporating EMDR and CAT

ICATA are hosting an online webinar on EMDR & CAT on 3rd February (8am - 11am UK time) which is 7pm and 9pm start for Australia & New Zealand respectively. For more information go to https://www.internationalcat.org/event-details/incorporating-eye-movement-desensitisation-and-reprocessing-emdr-work-within-cognitive-analytic-therapy-1

“Maps made easy – practical & relational way of understanding teams using CAT

In Dialogue Practice 636 Sydney Rd Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

More and more teams are using the relational mapping tool from Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) to make sense of team dynamics. Using the relational lens of CAT, this workshop will consider the needs of teams, which provide health care and support services, and offer simple and easy to use maps to help them reflect more […]

ANZACAT AGM 2023 & Guest Speaker

Zoom , Australia

"Reflections on the CAT model now, psychotherapy integration and future challenges" All ANZACAT members are invited We are pleased to share further details of the upcoming ANZACAT AGM and to welcome our guest speaker for the evening, Dr Ian Kerr. Date: Wednesday 11th October 2023 Time: 17.30 - 19:30 EST Location: Online Zoom link: https://orygen.zoom.us/j/96414650163?pwd=UVRpaElmRS9PbnlkWEx2ZzhTQmRTUT09 […]

ANZACAT CATch-ups 2024

Hi all, ANZACAT are planning professional development for 2024. Please see link attached with a short survey (7 questions only) that will be used to gather information about the types of professional development sessions you would like to engage with in 2024. The survey link will be close on January 15th 2024 so please make […]

ANZACAT CATch up – May 2024

ANZACAT CATch Ups - Seminar Series May CATch Up: Attachment Focused EMDR - Find Safety Enough to Feel the Exit Reciprocal Role (note: this event has been rescheduled) Online event.  Zoom link in ANZACAT registration email Cost: $30 (ANZACAT members only) Johnny Kieran -Black (he/him).  Johnny is a Social worker and Co-Founder of Open Dialogue […]


ANZACAT CATch up – June 2024

ANZACAT CATch Ups - Seminar Series June CATch Up: The 5Rs:  A Relational Way of Working with Transference and Counter-transference. Lee, through her work around complexity with headspace National has developed a 'kind of relational formula' or steps to use the "big feelings" that come up in therapeutic work. It has been influenced by the 4P's […]